Galen Fulford: The Re-Integration of Nature


The re-integration of nature is an unfolding experiment. It is the process of integrating modern techniques and materials with natural processes to purify water and air and to grow food directly within our buildings, infrastructure, and cities.  It is the process of learning from these systems and discovering the experience, connection and solutions needed to understand and create places which are both modern, resilient and ecologically abundant. From the waterways to the rooftops this experiment is underway in thousands of places, and the flavour of the future is emerging.

Bio: Galen is an explorer, an inventor and a entrepreneur with an affinity for all things living. His work has lead him on a journey from deep wilderness guide, to sustainability educator to biomimicry focused designer. Galen has a passion for water and finds fulfilment in transforming degraded places into thriving ecosystems.  He applies his passion for water and living systems to his professional work developing and implementing new techniques for the restoration of degraded waterways.