Activists Anonymous

Activists Anonymous – A 5-Step Recovery Programme | Robin Alfred

“What is at the centre of your life?”, Robin Alfred, a self-confessed activism addict, asks us. In this enthusiastic, entertaining and highly engaging talk, he encourages us to pay attention to our deepest sense of wanting to make a contribution rather than being swept along with an impatient “I just want to do something!” Unless we honour something bigger than ourselves, even our most well meaning acts can become coloured by our personal agenda.

“Activism that is based on rejection and on just saying ‘no’ to what is now is not the kind of activism that will be really potent into the future.” Robin suggests five simple steps which allow us to reach a higher level of activism where we can give freely from the most fulfilling place within ourselves – and be able to do so without our actions being distorted by the need for praise or recognition.

Robin is an organisational consultant, executive coach, and international trainer and facilitator. Using his expertise in leadership, coaching and sustainability, Robin helps clients ranging from leading ecological organisations to well known companies reach their full potential. He writes for The Guardian Online sustainable development hub.

Robin’s talk was part of a TEDxFindhorn held in the Universal Hall
in Findhorn, Scotland. To view the full series visit