Saying Yes to Life!

Saying Yes to Life! | Lesley Quilty

“Right from the very beginning I was lucky”, Lesley Quilty tells us. But after the sudden unexpected death of her father, her family and the happy life she had known all fell apart.

In this heart-warming and compelling story of going ‘from victim, to survivor, to thriver’ she tells us how she overcame the damage that she experienced from sexual abuse. Using one single, simple word she empowered herself to live life to the full. She decides who and what she is and does not let events, or other people, decide that for her.

Lesley suggests a powerful method which anyone can use to transform how they handle the challenges of life. This method is particularly relevant to the ‘one in five girls and one in twenty boys’ who will likely experience sexual abuse. Lesley shows us all how to turn around even situations which fill us with ‘shame and icy numbness’ so that they bring us healing and enable us to thrive.

Lesley is a creative consultant, facilitator, coach and theatre artist, who aims to develop authentic leaders. She has worked in professional theatre for over 20 years as a performer, director, teacher and producer, in North America and the UK, although her performing and teaching now take place almost exclusively in non-theatrical settings. She is the founder of Mythodrama Scotland.