About Findhorn

Findhorn is the name of a lovely village in a beautiful area in North East of Scotland.

It is roughly 2/3rd of the way along to the West between Aberdeen and Inverness, on the coast.

It is at the mouth of the Findhorn Bay, a tidal bay fed the Findhorn river as well as by the sea.

For many years it was a fishing village and a transport hub as boats traveled as far as South America from the shelter of its bay. Indeed rocks on the edge of the bay, within the village, are said to have been ballast from ships returning from places far away. Therefore the village has always had connections with distant shores.

To this day, Findhorn still has such connections. Travelers come from all over the world, to savor its beautiful scenery and (fairly) unspoilt beaches. Often in the summer visitors come from place like Spain and Italy to escape their increasingly hot summers to experience of more gentle summer sunshine which we have here.

We even have a local whisky “Findhorn Malt” made in a nearby distillery.

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