Cameron Taylor: On the Trail of the Real Macbeth

William Shakespeare’s tragic drama Macbeth is one of the best known works of literature in the world, and the character Macbeth is the archetypal anti-hero. When, in Act Three, Banquo asks Macbeth how far it is to Forres, few of the audience know that Forres is a real place and Macbeth a real – and profoundly misunderstood – man. Cameron will introduce you to the real Macbeth and explore the reasons for the differences between fact and fiction.

Bio: Born in Orkney, ‘beside the oceans of time’ as the late George Mackay Brown so lyrically put it, Cameron Taylor is a writer, historian and consultant. His work on transmedia storytelling led him into a journey of discovery on the trail of the real Macbeth leading to a book, a documentary and almost to his