Dr David Reilly: Human Healing Unlocked: transforming suffering into wellbeing

Early on in David Reilly’s four decades of work as a doctor and researcher he realised that our current medical ‘fix-it’ map would not heal the major epidemics of our time. When he learned to place what he simply calls ‘the human healing response’ at the centre of the vision of care, transformative results emerged. His approach has proved successful in thousands of cases, helping people learn to cultivate growing shifts in their self-care and so wellbeing.

Bio: Dr David Reilly graduated as a doctor in 1978 from The University of Glasgow. He went on to become a Fellow of The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons and a Member of The Royal College of General Practitioners. In 2013 he was awarded an honorary Doctorate of Science by the University of Westminster. He is currently the Director of TheWEL Programmes, and The Healing Shift Enquiry, and the Founder of TheWEL Charity. He is an Honorary Senior Lecturer in Medicine, Glasgow University, and Visiting Professor of Medicine, University of Maryland, and visiting faculty Weill Cornell University, Doha, Qatar.  Formerly he was a Consultant Physician in Glasgow Greater Glasgow & Clyde Health Board’s NHS for Centre for Integrative Care,  and Glasgow’s Lead Clinician for people with CFS/ME; visiting faculty member at Harvard Medical School, USA; The Scottish Government’s first National Clinical Lead for Integrative Care. http://www.davidreilly.net/