TEDxFindhorn 2nd June 2017

Here is the exciting line up for the next in the series of TEDxFindhorn Events, which is to be held in the Universal Hall at the Findhorn Foundation on 2nd June at 7.30 pm. Tickets are £5 and can be bought on the door or by clicking the button below.

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Robert Holden Ph.D.

The title of Roberts talk is “The Tea Meditation”, in which he will reflect on the explosion of choice that has occurred in recent years and the effect this has had on us.

Robert’s innovative work on psychology and spirituality has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, a PBS show called Shift Happens!, and in two major BBC documentaries called The Happiness Formula and How to Be Happy, shown to over 30 million television viewers worldwide.

Robert is the author of Happiness NOW!, Shift Happens!, Authentic Success (formerly titled Success Intelligence), Be Happy, Loveability,
Holy Shift! 365 Daily Meditations from A Course in Miracles and Life Loves You, co-written with Louise Hay.

Robert hosts a weekly show for Hay House Radio called Shift Happens! He contributes daily to his FB page at www.facebook.com/drrobertholden

The other exciting speakers for this event will be:

Alastair McIntosh

The title of Alastair’s talk is “Spiritual Activism: Donald Trump and the second sight”

Raised on the same Scottish island as Donald Trump’s mother, he will demonstrate with insights from the American president’s cultural psychohistory.

Professor Alastair McIntosh works for progressive change from the standpoint of both the outer and the inner life. His work for environmental protection, social change and spiritual insight into our times has been described as “world-changing”, “life-changing” and “inspirational” by bishops, pop stars, and even politicians. The author of Soil and Soul, his most recent books are Spiritual Activism and Poacher’s Pilgrimage.

Michael Lindfield

Michael will talk on “Experiments in Communication with Morphogenetic Fields”.

This talk explores experiments in energy-field communication and cooperation in a variety of settings. From pioneering work at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) testing telepathic communication with astronauts in space, to personal research carried out in a potato field in the west of Sweden and recorded experiences in the renowned vegetable garden at Findhorn, compelling results from intentional cooperation with these Subtle Realms have been observed and verified.

Michael Lindfield is a highly regarded consultant and coach with over 45 years of international experience in helping individuals and organizations unleash the creativity of the human spirit. He has conducted seminars and presented at conferences around the world on the theme of ‘transforming self and society’ and worked as a senior organization development consultant with The Boeing Company from 1989-2005.

Michael is author of ‘The Dance of Change: an Eco-Spiritual Approach to Transformation’ (Penguin Books 1986) and numerous articles featured in psychology, education and business journals.


Jonathan Dover

Growing up and waking: spiralling to deeper inclusion.

Alt-right, alt-left, Trump, Clinton, Brexit! What can make sense of the polarisation we are seeing today? This talk will look at the dynamics of human emergence and suggest the current situation may be calling a whole new way of being into the world.

After coming to Findhorn in 2003 following an early career in retail management and buying, Jonathan went on to hold a central position in the development of care farming in the UK, providing land-based opportunities to support a broad range of vulnerable people. Realising how helpful spiral dynamics and Ken Wilber’s integral theory had been in developing himself and this project, Jonathan moved on to train in his current work as an integral coach and consultant.

Liz Rivers, who was also due to speak at this event, will not be able to deliver her talk this time. 

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